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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

James A. Measles

My brother James lost his battle with cancer on September 1, 2009 at 6:20 A. M. Mother's birthday. My sister Mary Lu said mother got a wonderful present. The Doctors gave James 3 months in August of last year but they agreed he was a fighter. He declined the chemo treatment when they said it would give him more time but he ask if he would be sick with his head over the commode for a year and then he would die. He lived a year only being in the hospital a few times for them to put in an outside drain tube from his liver. He was surrounded by his two children Shaila and Dirk, his loving wife Shari and a couple of his grandchildren. James slipped into a coma a couple of days before he died. They said the day before he died he sat up on the bed and kissed Shari and lay back down. Shari was a wonderful wife and caregiver. She lay by his side for the last month reading to him and talking about the wonderful years they had shared. I can't tell you what comfort it was to our family to know James was in such good care. That's what a good mate does. There were times she wasn't sure she could do it but she would tell you God gave her strength and grace.

This is a picture of James one time when he came home from the navy with my sister TiaJuana. Tia Juana died December 26, 1964. I can just imagine this is the way they met in heaven.
This is a poem "I'd Marry You Again" that Shari read to James over and over the last month. She said he would say when she finished reading it, "Read it again". It was on the back of the program.

(I added this photo of all of James' family taken last summer shortly after James was diagnoised. Dirk has 2 sons and 2 daughters; Shaila has 5 sons and 2 daughter in laws. James was so proud of his family)

This is Shaila and her family with Shari at the cemetary. Just look at the beautiful mountains in the background.
Dirk, Shari and Shaila.
The Pallbears were James and Shari's grandsons. Notice they are all wearing James' bolo ties.
James had a milirary funeral. He served in the Navy during the Korean war. James was very patriotic. He always had a flag flying in front of his house. His son Dirk went out and bought a Texas Flag and hung it at half mass on the day he died. When I saw that I lost it. James loved his flags and he never stopped being a Texan.

Ten of James' nephews and nieces attended the funeral service. Tia Juana's 3 children Bob, Steve and Tonya; Mary Lu's 2 daughters Shelly and Sharla; Bob's son Bryan and my 2 daughters Lana and Jana. The cousins had a really good time getting reacquainted. The oldest Bob is 61 and the youngest is Jana who is 42. Almost 20 years between them. Below on the back row is Bob Caddel, Jana Hogan Nelson, Dirk Measles, Lana Hogan Jordan, Steve Caddel, sitting: Tonya Caddel Canada, Bryan Measles, Shaila Measles Bergquest, Shelly Grant Hackler and Sharla GrantSchaffner. Bob and Steve came from Reno, Nev. Lana flew from Austin, Jana and Bryan flew in from Dallas, Tonya, Shelly and Sharla flew in from Lubbock. There were 15 of us Measles who came to celebrate James life.

My sister Mary Lu and her husband Billy Tom and I flew in from Lubbock and Bob and his wife Bernita flew in from Dallas.
Another picture of the cousins.
Shaila's husband Brad ask us to bring dirt from Lamb County Texas where James was born and graduated from High School and got married in Mother and Daddy's house in Olton. They said he never stopped being a Texas. This was a touching moment. They ask Mary Lu, Bob and I to sprinkle the dirt.
I am so grateful for family. My parents married young and both of them came from what we would call today disfunctional families. They worked hard and kept us all together during difficult times. I am so thankful to God for His amazing grace.


scootermom said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute, Wilma ... your family has always been so close, it has been a pleasure to meet so many of them and get to know a good many of them very well!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

wilma...thanks for indentifying everyone...i had looked at those pictures several times...they are just amazing!! i have never seen pictures so moving from a funeral!! and it is good to have you blogging again!! love you...


Da Bergs said...

Oh, Wilma... thank you. What a great post! I tried and tried and got frustrated with not being able to do the pictures on my blog!!!!

So... you downloaded ALL the pics 1st? I reverse order and THEN wrote??? I am going to try it again! THANKS!!! LOVE YOU!

Sit-N-Chat said...

This was great, Wilma. You have a close family. What wonderful blessing. I "enjoyed" reading about them. I don't know the right word but I appreciated hearing about the people you love.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

This is beautiful, Wilma.

By the way...I came to your blog thru Jackie's. I used to be Janie Leary.

And talk about another coincidence...I know Bryan Measles!

It's a small world!

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing about your brother, James. What a beautiful family! The tribute was wonderful.

Jackie said...

Wilma, you did such a great job on your tribute to your brother. I've looked at it 2 or 3 times but just haven't commented. I thought it was about time to tell you!

And, what a surprise to find Janie's comment. I have known for a long time that she was a long time acquaintance with the Thompsons but I didn't think about you. She is such a sweetheart! I feel like she's my daughter, we've bantered back and forth so much.

Love you. I need a haircut next week!!! I put another color on it yesterday:( yuck!