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Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Times on Face Book

It is amazing what and who you can find on Facebook. A lovely young woman Susan Whittemore Stone who graduated from Munday in 1992 found Andrea Macedo on Facebook. She sent me her information and after 17 years walaaaaa.........we're together again.

In 1992 We had a beautiful 17 year old girl from Brazil arrive in Munday as a Foreign Exchange Student. I will never forget picking her up from the airport. She was a cute little gal and she had on a short skirt, short sleeves and no coat. It was snowing outside. It was summer when she left home and it was freezing in Dallas, Texas. Andrea Macedo had never seen snow. She was just in awe. We immediately took her to shop for a coat and some warm clothes so she could start school on Monday. I think her Daddy was in shock when he got the credit card bill.

This is a picture of some of her classmates in Munday. She is the one in the center.

This is a picture of the Senior Class of 1992.

Here is a picture of the beautiful young woman today with her new baby boy.

Andrea is married and works as a bilingual teacher. She has been on maternity leave but will be going back soon. She says she is sad to be leaving her baby but her mother and mother in law will baby sit.

Face Book gets a lot of bad publicity but I have to tell you it has been really fun for me. I have connected with old friend and lots of family all across the United States. Thank you Face Book for bringing me back in contact with Andrea. It was sweet. Thank you Susan for doing the work. You are a beautiful young woman with a cute family. If you're not on Face Book maybe you should check it out.


Anonymous said...

"hello i am ron...and i have a fb addiction!"

"hello ron"

I am with you fun reconnecting!!

p.s. at your age it is so nice you remember people from so long ago!

scootermom said...


What a neat story!!
I remember her and
when she stayed with y'all.


Jackie said...

Your friend Ron is a hoot!