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Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy birthday Jake

Our oldest grandson Jake turns 24 today. I can't believe it. He should still be about 12. He loves his little red headed daughter is a wonderful Daddy to Kaylee and a good husband (maybe we should ask Crystal about that) to Crystal.

Jake loves sports of all types but I think his favorite is baseball. He gives private lessons to little leaguers and enjoys it as much as they do. He has coached his little brother Levi in all his activities and always says "I taught him all he knows".

Jake loves to have fun and has his garage set up to play "Guitar Hero". I guess he is pretty good at it because he doesn't do much of anything that he can't win at. He is very competive in everything he does.

Here he is clowning around.



Da Bergs said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!! (Better late than never!!!) LOVE that 1st picture!!!

scootermom said...

I loved this post about Jake's birthday and the picture of him and Kaylee ... I love the way her eyes look in the picture.
She's adorable and looks like she adores her Daddy ... I'm sure the feeling is mutual !!
It's been a pleasure to keep up with Jake through the years.
Love ya !!

Kelsey said...

Hey why didn't you write about MY birthday?