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Saturday, April 25, 2009



I am famous for one thing in this world and I will go down in history as always being late especially for birthdays. But, like I always tell the family you never know what day you will get to celebrate your birthday once again. When out of the comes a gift or a card from Gran.

Yesterday was my son in law Greg's birthday. He is the fisherman in the family (don't tell my other son-in-law Bruce). One year I requested fish for mother's day and boy did I get fish. Greg is not only a fisherman he is also a cook. We had fried fish, blackened fish, steamed fish and probably another kind but it was all just delicious. Greg also has the ability to dirty up every dish in the kitchen and on the grill.

I must confess that I was never a good teacher when it came to teaching my girls how to cook. When Lana and Greg married he was the one who had to cook. Greg's mother is a great cook and she must have taught Greg how because he can cook. Last year at their 4th of July party at their house I think he grilled about 100 hamburgers. Here he is grilling on their patio. He's the one in the yellow shirt bending over the gril.

Greg's favorite position after a long day of cooking.

Hope your birthday was a great one....and you never know when you might get a card or gift in the mail so keep checking.


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