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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

50 years ago......

Yet another 50th Class Reunion. This was in Olton, Texas and it was good to see a lot of old friends...and I mean OLD.

Beverly, the girl in the middle was one of my best friends...The other Torchie Cure Curry is a 3rd cousin to friends here in Munday. Small world.

My bestest friend Latrell who was my room mate in Plainview when we both worked for the telephone company. She didn't last long because she thought she just had to marry that handsome Jack Hysinger. Latrell and I were in each other's weddings so we have lots of memories. The picture is with her brother Wally who I dated some in High School.

We had a really good time visiting with old friends. Two of my favorites are the son and daughter of my mentors who were in our church growing up. Essie and Tommy Sluder whose Mother played piano and whose Dad taught me in Sunday School for several years. They were the real deal. Two of the best examples of a Christian Life that I have ever known. They taught me by their lives what a Christian looks like. We had a chance to visit with their children who are following in their parents footsteps. The other girls are Donice Silcott a girl I started to school with and my "older" sister Mary Lu who actually graduated from Olton.


In_spired said...

Why do you and Mary Lu look so much younger than others of your same age?? Have your ears burned since you left? I'll bet you were "the topic"!!

WES said...

Hey Wilma. Welcome to blog world. Just making the rounds.
Enjoy Jesus,


Tammie said...

how fun!!!